Help and Hope over Addiction

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A Christian Renewal

Center For Men

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Our Approach

During our lives, we have all faced difficult times. For some men, finding help for an addiction seems impossible. That’s why Carolina Crossroads has designed a program that truly addresses your addiction(s) through a faith-based approach.

Many programs can provide treatment for your addiction, but they may not acknowledge or address your deeper spiritual needs. We offer a renewal program designed around spiritual teachings, treatment, and guidance through Christ our Lord. Our faith-based approach provides compassion and support in an all male group environment learning that "Victory Through Christ" is obtainable for healing.

Our program involves pastoral counseling, chapel services, work assignments and daily devotional readings. These are just some of the services that distinguishes Carolina Crossroads from other programs. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about this renewal program we are here to offer. You can discover there is hope for true happiness in breaking the bonds of addiction in your life, if you are willing to accept our offer.

​​​​​​Carolina Crossroads program is designed to provide a positive, loving atmosphere in which men are encouraged to know Christ personally. Through Christ's teachings they will gain a better understanding that through the Word of God, every need in their life will be met. Daily group teachings, pastoral counseling, personal Bible study and prayer provide the means by which these objectives are accomplished. This, combined with a disciplined schedule, healthful climate, nutritious food and relaxing recreation will soon restore a greater measure of physical, mental and spiritual health with a more positive outlook of life.

The residents also participate in different types of work projects such as routine maintenance of the facilities, general upkeep of the grounds, and community projects. Carolina Crossroads's program is primarily designed to produce in each man a more effective lifestyle in which he allows Jesus Christ to take full control.

"Victory through Christ"