Photo Gallery

Picture from the Carolina Crossroads tent at the "Race for Hope 25" hosted by Dublin Speedway.

Guys building benches for the Pope VA project.

Samples of what we sale for donations at Carolina Crossroads. All adirondack chairs and benches are built by the men in our program with fine workmanship.

A picture of Sunday lunch with residents, staff, family, and friends. We always encourage family to come out on Sundays in support of their loved ones.

The buildings and grounds crew with Carolina Crossroads do a phenomenal job keeping up the Lord's house and property. These men are amazing in their work ethic.

When it's time to call it a day, these guys play just as hard as they work. God has blessed us with a number of activities to take advantage of while they are here.

The administrative building or "Faith Hall" is the heart of our program. This is where all daily teachings, classes, and program related activities take place.

As you come onto the campus, you will notice each resident house is named after the four Gospels. This is our first house with the pond. It is the Matthew House.

The second house on campus, which is 1 of 2 houses that have 4 bedrooms. Each house is furnished with two full baths, 2 sets of bathroom sinks, kitchen, and living area with televisions. This is the Mark House.