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There a few ways to contact Carolina Crossroads. We understand the struggles in not only addiction, but everyday life. If you have a specific need, question, or conern; fill out the form below and send it to us. Someone will be in touch with you shortly. We will be more than happy to lift your troubles, concerns, thanksgiving, or any other requests to the Lord in prayer. May God bless.

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To start your application process to Southeastern Carolina Crossroads, click here or on the PDF link and mail application to:

Our information

We provide the following information for postal, visitation, or donation purposes. Please, be aware that calls to a resident will be taken and information may or may not be given on their status. Should you have specific donation questions, please visit our Donations page.

Phone Numbers and Email:

Ministry Office: (910) 549-8487

Ministry Secondary: (910) 588-4345



Southeastern Carolina Crossroads

1086 Susie Sand Hill Road

Elizabethtown, North Carolina 28337


Mail all correspondance to a resident, to this physical address. All packages will be opened with SECC staff supervision. Please, call if you have any questions or concerns about package delivery.